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Which is Better, Wood Decking or Composite Decking?

Having a good deck is crucial whether you’re hosting family or ensuring your family has an outdoor area to lounge in. When you’re looking forward to spending some quality time outdoors, the type of decking you end up getting can have a considerable impact.

When you’re looking for the best composite decking or wood decking, you should know what the difference is. To make an informed decision before you call the professionals, keep reading.

What is Wood Decking?

Wood decking is constructed and designed with completely wooden elements. It utilizes different types of wood, usually timber, to achieve the look you want for your deck.

Depending on the wood type you choose for your deck, it can be low maintenance and last for decades. However, you will need to get it retouched by professionals regularly.

Composite Decking: How Is It Different?

Composite decking is known by many names like faux wood decking and synthetic decking. It is generally an alternative to timber decking but is now being increasingly used to substitute many types of wood decking.

Composite decks are also ideal when you’re looking for long-lasting, durable options that don’t require constant maintenance. It is a better alternative to wood when you aim to be more environmentally sustainable in your home.

For those wondering how to clean composite decking and how it is different from wood decking, for one thing, it’s simpler. You have to be careful with wood decking, as mold and moisture can damage the structural integrity of wood decking. With composite decking, that’s not the case.

Comparing the Advantages

When you’re comparing composite deck boards with wooden ones, you might wonder which one is more beneficial. While wooden decks are great when you have the budget, composite or plastic decking is ideal if you’re looking for a cost-effective option.

Permanent decking for your home can be a hard choice to make, so here are the benefits of wood and composite decks:

  • Wood Decking: The decking looks natural and authentic. It has good strength and excellent durability, which will last for decades. You can get it re-polished to revamp your deck at any time. Large variety of wood panels to choose from.
  • Composite Decking: This is ideal when you’re looking for customizable options. It is low maintenance and comes with a structural layer of protection. Ideal for areas where there is excessive moisture. Doesn’t fade and withstands weathering, unlike wood. It doesn’t require sanding, polishing, or sealing.


Which Is Better Suited to Your Needs?

If you’re wondering how to install composite decking and is it the same as wood decking, the answer is no. Composite decking is much easier and quicker to install compared to wood decking.

Wood decking is also not as customizable as composite decking. Can you paint composite decking? Yes, provided that you’re getting professionals to help you out. When you want to reduce chances of fading and increase durability, using high-quality paint like latex is optimal.

Depending on where you live and what kind of budget you have, choosing between composite and wood decking can be easy. Consider the price, durability, maintenance, and quality when you’re making your final decision. Both are well-suited to any home, but your requirements can make one more suited to your outdoor area than the other.


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