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Go From an Old Deck to New in 4 Steps!

As the weather warms and spring is around the corner, people are excited to spend more time outside. And if your home has a deck, then spending time outside is as easy as stepping right outside your door.

But if your deck isn’t exactly the outdoor oasis of your dreams, you don’t have to give up warm nights spent outside. You can give your deck a remodel to create an outdoor space that’s ideal for all your summer activities.

Not sure where to start when it comes to a deck remodel? Here are four easy steps you can take to transform your deck.

1. Start With Repairs

Before you make any major changes, you’ll want to have a good foundation. This means you’ll want to check your deck to make sure it’s structurally sound.

You may want to have a professional company deck the footing and ensure that it’s secure. Check that all boards are in good condition and don’t need to be replaced. Be aware of wood rot, termites, and weather damage.

Make any repairs before moving forward with a deck remodel.

2. Give It a Good Scrub

If you’ve done all necessary repairs and maintenance, your next step is making sure that the deck is squeaky clean. Look for a cleanser that’s made specifically for decks made of wood. There are also recipes to make DIY deck cleansers.

While cleaning, use a stiff-bristle brush. Work slowly, and be sure to get the cleaner into the wood. Rinse away any dirt or excess cleaner until there are no suds.

Allow your deck to dry completely for a few days before moving to the next step.

3. Apply a Fresh Stain

A fresh stain is the key to a deck refurbish. You can stain the wood to give it a new color, add a coat of paint for a fun shade, or add a transparent finish to give it a polished and protective layer.

Apply the stain using a two-inch wide brush. If you apply multiple coats while the previous coats are still wet, the stain will better absorb into the wood. Giving your deck a fresh coat of stain or polish each year is ideal for maintenance.

4. Make It An Oasis

If you’ve been searching for, “how to transform my deck?” this is the step you can get creative. You can make your deck an oasis by decorating to fit your lifestyle.

This is the step where you can choose furniture and décor that will make your deck an extension of your home. Choose sofas and chairs you can sink into, outdoor tables you can have dinner at, and lights to sit under at night.

For Steps to Transform Your Deck

Imagine hosting your friends and families on a brand new deck. How about sipping a morning coffee or an evening cocktail out on the deck. With a transformed deck, you can have an oasis all summer long.

Use these four tips to give your deck the transformation it deserves. Start now on a deck remodel so you can enjoy spending the warmer months outside.

Ready to transform your deck? Total Deck Solutions is ready to help you create an oasis you’ll never want to leave. Contact our experts to discuss your decking project today!

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