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How Long Does a Deck Last, and Will Mine Go Another Season?

Has your deck seen better days? How long does a deck last, anyway? You might wonder when it is time to replace an old deck.

A rotting deck can bring several risks to your family if it is on its last legs, someone might fall through, or the railing might give out. 

Are you wondering if your deck will last another season? Read below on everything you need to know about deck maintenance. 

How Long Does a Deck Last?

To answer this question, we first need to determine the material, location, and maintenance. However, a wooden deck in a northern climate like Minnesota may last up to 30 years! 

A composite deck can also last up to 30 years, and there is less maintenance involved, although there is some!

The difference between a hardwood deck and a composite deck is that the latter is made of recycled wood and plastic. It is also a little more expensive. 

Composite Deck Maintenance

Regular cleaning will get you a long way in maintaining a composite deck. Sweeping and the occasional wash will remove any organic material that might decay if it sits on your patio for a while.

While this won’t necessarily rot the deck itself, it can stain it and cause mold. Thankfully, a regular sweep should prevent all this from happening.

Quick Tips

While cleaning your deck regularly can do wonders, there are some other tips and tricks you should keep in mind. 

For example, water dripping from your roof can cause mold and mildew, as well as standing water. Try to avoid prolonged exposure to the elements. Of course, a little rain and snow won’t harm it, as long as it has time to dry properly.

Another tip to keep in mind is ventilation. A deck that does not have proper airflow underneath can, again, bring on mold and mildew. Eliminate this by raising your deck a little higher so that the deck can dry.

Wood Deck Maintenance

A new deck that is installed properly will not require as much maintenance. A sealant will prevent rotting as long as a regular cleaning takes place. 

However, the sealant will likely wear off over time, and you might need to put in some extra elbow grease for hardwood deck maintenance. 

First off, wood decks require a yearly inspection to ensure they are still up to par. You can do this yourself by looking for any loose planks, rust, or rot. Secondly, a wooden deck might need some pressure washing from time to time. Finally, if your sealant has disintegrated, it might be time for a new coating. 

Quick Tips

You can avoid certain damage by moving around your patio furniture regularly. Make sure that the wood can dry properly, and make sure that trees and bushes are trimmed back as well. 

Deck Maintenance: Start Doing It Right!

So how long does a deck last? Quite some time with proper deck maintenance! 

Contact us today if you require repairs, maintenance, or a new deck! We can give you a quote and advice on how to move forward!

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