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5 Ideas to Dress Up Your Deck

Americans spend an average of 14 hours outside each week these days, and much of that time is spent in private outdoor areas.

Are you asking yourself, “How can I decorate my deck and make it more inviting?” If so, we can help you learn to love your outdoor space again.

Learn how to dress up your deck using decorations, flowers, furniture, and more. These simple and effective tips will help you create a space you’ll love to use all season long.

1. Hang Wall Art for Decks

Many people don’t think about their exterior walls as places to hang decorations, but doing so can add character to your deck area. Vinyl siding hooks allow you to hang pictures, wall art, signs, monograms, and more. These hooks are easy to install and cheap to purchase.

Hanging art on your exterior walls can make your deck cozier and let you personalize the area as well.

2. Add Rugs and Pillows

Outdoor rugs not only provide a pop of color and visual interest but also keep dirt from being tracked inside. Rugs break up the look of the wood decking as well and can create a “divide” between areas. For instance, you might lay one underneath your patio table.

Pillows also add color and create comfy places to relax outside, encouraging people to hang out longer. Pillows can also give your deck an “indoor” feel and help tie your whole house together. This tip also applies well if you’re looking for patio ideas.

3. Choose Comfortable Furniture

One place you don’t want to skimp is your deck furniture! After all, you want to be comfortable as you’re soaking up those rays or enjoying your meals outside.

Homeowners often ask us, “How can I dress up my deck and make it look inviting again?” The answer is to add a comfortable seating area and vary the furniture you have outside.

If your current deck furniture looks old, give it a new coat of paint or replace it. Swap out the cushions and pillows.

Mix up the type of furniture you have, but keep it cohesive. Combine an outdoor sofa and chairs with a table and ottomans for extra seating.

4. Add Greenery

“I want to decorate my patio or deck, but I don’t have a big budget.” Does this sound like you? One of the easiest and most cost-effective deck decorating tips we can give you is to add some greenery to your deck.

Choose different sized pots and planters to add variety and color. Combine hanging baskets and privacy screens with planters and vertical gardens. Place pots on tables and beside benches.

Add greenery and flowers to bring some life to your deck.

5. Layer Decorative Deck Lights

The party doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down. Layer lighting on your deck to make the space cozy even after sunset. Having enough lighting also makes your deck safer, and it’s one of the easiest deck ideas to implement.

Combine outdoor string lights with deck lights and lanterns for a warm and welcoming look.

Dress Up Your Deck This Season

As spring approaches, make sure your deck is ready to go. Use these tips to dress up your deck and create the perfect outdoor area for the season.

Are you looking for more deck decorating tips or ways to enhance your outdoor space? Take a look at our services and see how we can help. From deck and railing replacement to privacy walls and more, we do it all.

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