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4 Creative Deck Railing Ideas to Update Your Outdoor Space

Did you know that about half of the 60 million decks in the U.S. are in need of replacement or repair? Chances are that yours could use some TLC. 

However, do not just think about the floorboards. Railings are an important safety measure as well as a stylish accent to any new deck. 

Unsure of what type of deck railing to install? Read on for 4 creative railing ideas for your next remodel. 

1. Glass and Metal

You may have seen this deck railing style in office buildings or luxury apartment skyscrapers. But, they can also add class to anyone’s backyard, regardless of the height. 

Not only does strong plexiglass protect against falling objects (especially if you have kids), but it also leads to an unobstructed view of your landscape views. 

Add a metal banister and divider posts to top off its modern appeal and sleek design. 

2. Lattice at Varying Heights

When you think of lattice you may revert to thinking of privacy screens and walls, however, they also serve as great deck railings. Use various heights to add privacy to one side of your deck or use it as a prop for floral vines. 

Customize your lattice look with unique patterns, colors, and materials, from wood to plastic. Then add a protective stain or polish to keep it from warping or discoloring from the elements. 

3. Rustic Wood

Deck railing ideas will also depend on the rest of your home’s decor. If you own a cabin then rustic wood railings may bring your indoor ambiance outside and fit perfectly well with your natural surroundings. 

For example, real tree branches and trunks will blend nicely into your forest scenery. This creates a calm transition without making your house stick out and feel like an eyesore.

Lock in your authentic wood ambiance with a clear stain to help preserve it for the next 3-5 years until your next coat.  

4. Seating as a Railing

With a new deck comes more possibilities. Utilize your space more effectively by either dropping the railing and adding benches instead or incorporate the bench as part of the railing. 

These styles of railings offer more seating options, making your deck ready for large gatherings. It also gives your patio an open layout creating additional space for furniture and cooking accessories. 

Add a backing to stand-alone seating and cushions for comfort. 

Choosing the Right Style Deck Railing

When picking your deck railing you should keep several things in mind.

Try to match the rest of your house by choosing similar colors and styling. Also, think about safety measures. If you have small children or pets some designs may not be as advisable. Finally, consider the maintenance and longevity of your new deck railings.

If you are unsure of which railing option to choose then consult a professional. We are here to help you design the most functional and enjoyable deck so contact us today for a quote. 

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