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7 Things to Consider When Planning Your Deck Project

Do you want to turn your outdoor space into a fun entertainment zone?

In recent years the number of decks across the country has grown. In 2021 alone, there were around 40 million wood decks in North America.

There are many reasons people want to install a deck in their homes or renovate a deck. Some want fun or a relaxing place to hang out on a warm summer evening. Others might want to add value to their house.

But whatever the reason for starting a deck project, you need to know how to plan a new deck. Read on to find out how!

1. Figure Out Your Budget

Figuring out your budget is the first step in considering deck remodeling ideas. It will help you determine the layout, shape, size, and materials you can use.

If you don’t have a budget, or you don’t stick by it, you might have to put your project on hold. Or maybe cancel it for good.

2. Determine the Size and Location

Start by thinking about your deck’s function. If you need it for entertaining, you need ample space for tables, chairs, and other equipment. For a hot tub, you need high fencing for some privacy.

Most decks are attached to the back of the home with easy access from the back door. That is convenient, but try to figure out what part of your yard gets the most sun.

3. Best Deck Materials

There are endless materials to build your deck ideas. But the most popular are pressure-treated woods. These woods are treated with anti-rot chemicals for long-lasting results.

PVC is a good material if you don’t want a wooden deck. There is low maintenance, and you can find a wide range of colors so it can fit in with your backyard vibe.

4. The Railings

The railings around various types of decks give your area character and set the atmosphere. So, you must factor them into the price of your budget.

Glass railings give the space a modern vibe and are perfect if there is a stunning view. Wooden cocktail rails are great for entertaining and provide a rustic look. But the most important thing is that it matches your style.

5. Light the Space Up

If you want to entertain guests, you can’t have them sitting in pitch black. Lighting allows you to stay outside longer during the warm summer evenings. 

The lights are also another way of creating an atmosphere. Bright white lights are great for a fairytale setting, while colorful mix-and-match lights have a hipster vibe.

6. Learn the Permits

You might know how to plan a deck, but you can’t lay down a plank of wood before doing homework. Every state is different, so you need to check out the rules and requirements in your area.

Then you can submit your plans and apply for a building permit.

7. DIY or Hire a Contractor

You need to decide if you have the experience to do a DIY job or you need to get someone in.

A deck can cost less if you do a DIY job. But safety should always be your number one priority. So if you don’t have the experience, learn how to find a deck contractor.

Planning My Deck

There are plenty of reasons to build a deck and turn it into your urban oasis. But no matter the why behind your desire for a new deck, you should start the planning process right away.

If you need any more information on your project, contact us today. We’re here to help you achieve your dream deck!

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