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The Best Deck Materials for Harsh Minnesota Weather

Nothing says “relaxing summer at home” like a deck in your backyard. Your deck is the perfect place to enjoy warm weather and host outdoor gatherings. It’s a staple of American summer activity. 

However, not all climates support decks equally. Minnesota’s harsh winters can take a toll on your custom deck. Heavy snowfall and low temperatures can cause a deck to break down from the strain.

Fortunately, there’s a solution! You can use several materials to make your Minnesota deck more durable for the winter. So, what are the best deck materials for Minnesota weather? 

If that’s what you’re wondering, keep reading! We’ll explore the best options for building a durable deck in the guide below. 

Wooden Twin Cities Deck

Wood is the classic material for a new deck. It has a traditional, natural look that makes it the most desired material for most homeowners. 

The question is, can wooden decks survive a winter in the Twin Cities? The answer: “maybe.” It depends on the type of deck you want and how flexible your budget is. 

Some of your wood options include:

  • Redwood
  • Cedar
  • Pressure-treated pine
  • Bamboo
  • Ipe

Each of these options can last for decades and fit different budgets. Each of these woods also has distinctive appearances for your personal style. 

However, there are cons to building a custom deck with wood. Even the most durable woods require maintenance. Likewise, wood decks often attract termites. 

Anodized Aluminum Decks

Another option for a modern MN deck is to use anodized aluminum. This deck style is a perfect complement to contemporary home architecture. 

This decking material is also friendly to homeowners since it requires little to no maintenance. It’s also an affordable solution, usually costing less than wood alternatives. 

Other benefits of this material include its durability. Anodized aluminum won’t rust or rot; it even resists mold and mildew growth. These features make it one of the best deck materials for MN homeowners!

Fiberglass Decks

Another popular choice for modern homes is a fiberglass deck. Fiberglass is a manmade material that people use for several exterior designs. Although it’s less common as a decking material, it offers a host of benefits for homeowners.

First, the material is resistant to all kinds of weather. Cold and heat have virtually no effect on this material.

Likewise, fiberglass cannot rot or corrode. This makes it a more maintenance-free and long-lasting solution for most homeowners.

However, fiberglass also has some downsides. It’s a more expensive material than aluminum or wood. It also requires expert installation, so you can’t use it for a summer DIY project.

Find the Best Deck Materials for Minnesota Weather with Us

As you can see, there are several materials that can resist the average MN climate. So, how can you decide on the best deck materials for Minnesota weather? 

If that’s what you’re wondering, consider working with us. First, check out what materials we offer and how much they cost. Once you decide on a material, contact us to get a quote!

We’ll examine your house to determine how much your project will cost. From there, we’ll begin building the deck of your dreams! 

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