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Built-In Seating Solutions for Your Deck or Patio

Are you interested in built-in seating for your deck? It has several advantages over plain deck styles.

For one thing, with built-in seating, you can fit more people into your outdoor living space. So if you love hosting large gatherings in your backyard, built-in seating makes excellent sense.

Post-pandemic, most outdoor design experts say that homeowners are more willing to invest in their outdoor living spaces. So if this sounds like you, you’re right on trend!

Here’s a guide to built-in deck seating, with a few ideas to inspire you.

Simple Built-in Railing Bench

When it comes to outdoor deck seating, you can never go wrong with a built-in bench. You could also opt for built-in chairs along the railing and incorporate waterproof cushions to make your seating comfier. 

Porch Swing

You may not think of a porch swing as a great built-in piece of patio seating, but it could work as deck furniture. It’s easy to incorporate a porch swing on a custom deck by attaching overhead hooks or installing posts.

The beauty of a porch swing is its versatility. Use it for naps, for reading books with the kids, or for quiet time reading by yourself. The swinging motion creates a gentle breeze effect in the summer. And if the weather becomes too cold in the autumn months, simply detach the swing and store it inside.

Fire Pit With Encircled Benches

If permanent patio furniture is your style, consider installing a fire pit surrounded by built-in deck seating. This setup is perfect for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows and popping popcorn with friends. You’ll be able to use it year-round and stay warm and cozy while you entertain outdoors in the winter.

Convertible Picnic Table Seating

A picnic table is another great piece of outdoor furniture design with built-in seating. You could build a traditional picnic table design or go with a convertible bench that transforms into a picnic table.

Outdoor Dining Booths

If you’re a fan of installing a complete outdoor kitchen, you’ll love kitchen-styled seating options like outside dining booths. You can incorporate them into your patio seating using wood, stone, brick, cinderblocks, or some combination of the above.

Tree Stumps and Log Benches

Tree stumps may not be “built-in” on your deck. But, if you allow enough space for them, they’ll fit right in, and the effect will be the same. You can make them a permanent fixture on your deck and even add a log bench or two to enhance the rustic look.

Now’s a Great Time to Add Built-in Seating for Your Deck

Now is a great time to add built-in seating for your deck. You can style your design by adding patio elements that create a comfortable setting year-round. Post-COVID, many people prefer to do their entertaining out in the open air, so jump on the trend and make the most of it!

If you’re interested in designing and installing built-in deck seating, get in touch with us today. We’ll happily answer all your questions and discuss your upcoming deck project.

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