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Why You Should Build Your Deck This Winter

To many peoples surprise winter is one of the best times to build a deck. For a number of reasons, the cold and snowy months of winter can be a great time to add a new outdoor living space. Building a deck can be a great addition for any homes outdoor living space. By building a deck in winter it will guarantee you the time to enjoy your new outdoor living space all spring and summer.

More Contractor Availability

The busiest time of year for building is summer, spring and fall, so if you are wanting your deck built during those seasons, it can be difficult to find a contractor with availability. In contrast, contractors are much less busy in the winter making this an ideal time to get your project done. You’ll may even get a better deal by starting early or late in the season, when fewer people know they can build decks in the winter weather too!

Your New Deck Will Be Ready for Spring

Building your deck in winter will allow for immediate use of your new deck when the warmer weather comes. Most people are eager to enjoy their yard, especially in the spring and summer months when the weather is beautiful and warm. By building your deck during the winter you can take advantage of that great weather right away!

Building a deck in winter also saves on damage to your yard and other landscaping features like flower beds and other plants. You won’t have to worry about a construction crew tramping through mud and damaging plants or flowers in order to build your new deck.

Winter Allows Optimal Curing Conditions for Wood

While it may seem counterintuitive, the winter can be the best season to build your deck. Wood needs time to dry and cure after it’s been treated, and pressure-treated wood needs even more time than that. Extremely warm and humid conditions can increase the risk of warping or cracking for newly built decks. Building your deck in the winter will give each board ample time to cure before the hot and humid summer arrives.

Difficulties Of Building a Deck in Winter

Of course, there are some downsides to building in winter. First and foremost, you will have to deal with the cold. Not only does snow make it hard for you to get around on your own property, but when it comes to pouring footings and concrete the ground will have to be thawed, using heated ground blankets or other means of warming the frozen ground. Even if you’re footings or concrete are already set, your tools will be colder and therefore making tools and materials more brittle than normal, which means that they could break easily.

Overall winter is a great time to invest in building your new outdoor space. Your new deck will be ready to use all year round, and your friends and family will love it too. If you want to get started with building your new deck now, contact us today! We can help you create something that’s perfect for your needs.

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